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**HC-MK-Resurrection-FAQ LINK**

Welcome back to thebattlefield, Mage Knights!
We’re glad to hearthat long-time Mage Knight players have added warriors
From MAGE KNIGHT:RESURRECTION to their collections and their armies, and evenmore excited to hear that HeroClix players enjoying the HeroClix dials for each figure are using SwitchClix to give the Mage Knight dials for the characters a try (not to mention those Mage Knight players dipping into HeroClix for the first time!)
As the war for theLand rages once again, players have been sending in some
questions and wewanted to give everyone some answers:
Where can I find theMage Knight Core Rules and the Mage Knight Special
Abilities Card?
Both are availableon the Rules Downloads page of There are no plans to produce printed versions of the Core Rules or the SAC at this time.
Mage Knight fansshould note, however, that the terrain on the Wylden Watch map was designed to be cut out and used as terrain templates on the open table Mage Knight battlefield.
Where can I get therules related to faction symbols that appear on RESURRECTION dials but aren’t explained in the Mage Knight Core Rulebook?
Newly added to theRules Downloads page is the Mage Knight Consolidated Rules Document, a document created by the Mage Knight Rules Arbitrator following the release of MAGE KNIGHT: OMENS, gathering together the text of the Core Rulebook along with all rules related to many other Mage Knight products and expansions, along with useful clarifications to the rules and examples.
MAGE KNIGHTRESURRECTION warriors don’t have slots in their bases. Are
they allowed to useItems, Relics, and Spellbooks?
Yes, they are. Whena Mage Knight warrior doesn’t have item slots in its base,
it is considered tohave three item slots; place items on its HeroClix character card to represent items carried by the warrior.
Some RESURRECTIONwarriors have abilities in their nexus slot when there is no ability in the related slot, such as Defense nexus ability when the warrior has no Defense ability at that point on their combat dial. Is this an error?
No. Usually in thesecases, the nexus ability made its first appearance earlier in the combat dial, and for consistancy’s sake it remains in the nexus slot for the remainder of its appearances on the combat dial.
Unfortunately, someerrors made their way onto dials in MAGE KNIGHT RESURRECTION.
Following are neededcorrections to the Mage Knight dials in the set:
003 SkeletonSkullwalker
The nexus ability onSlots 1
-3 should indicate aDefense ability (Terrify), not Damage.
007 Zombie Shambler
The nexus ability onSlot 1 should indicate a Defense ability (Infiltrate), not Damage.
011 BonebreakerShaman
This character hasthe Wand attack type, not the Sword attack type.
104 General Marz
This character hasthe Quickness speed ability on his first three slots (a red square), not Forced March (a red circle, and
an ability no longerused in Mage Knight.)
014 Goldyx , 025Tezla Champion: Raydan Marz, 101 Za’ra’x’as, and 106 Quavon
All instances of theSpell Resistance
ability on thesecharacters (redundant when they already have the Magic Immunity defense type) should be ignored; the designer responsible for the error has been flogged.
Some Mage Knightfans have askes when they’ll see the return of the Scrying Chamber.
TheRokos Ruins mapshows a Scrying Chamber among the rubble at the heart of the shattered Solonavi citadel,
a possibleexplanation for why Oracle Kastali is no longer able to provide her regular updates on events in the Land.
How did theimpregnable Tower of Rokos end up in ruins?
Since the time ofthe last Mage Knight expansion, NEXUS, the Tur’aj cult of the Apocalypse completed their quest
to unleash the FourHorsemen and the Apocalypse Dragon, leading up to their ultimate goal: the opening of Dragon’s Gate, and the Breaking: the destruction of the Black Pyramid and the release of the ancient evil the Solonavi imprisoned inside a
thousand years ago.--the dark spirits of the Quavaran Dominion.
Terrible manastormsin the aftermath of the Breaking still tear the Land apart, drawing magical power through ley lines into the sky, coloring the clouds purple.
Many magestonedeposits exploded in the Breaking, while the power of mined magestones is slowly fading,
leaving much of theLand’s most contested resource dead or dying and the few remaining stones even more valuable.
Beings of dark magicoften hiding inside the bodies of their agents inside many factions, the Quavarans are at long last free to pursue the destruction of those who imprisoned them and domination over all the young races of the Land. Since
demonstrating theirabilities with the destruction of the Tower of Rokos and the scattering of the Solonavi, the Dominion has used promises of powerto lure countless warriors into the dark dealings of their secretive Dominion Pact.
As the battlesbetween the Land’s factions escalate, warriors thriving in the chaos have recurring dreams of a Crown of Axes
. They dream ofproving their strength, to prove themselves worthy of the Crown by rising to rule not just their faction but the
entire Land. Theyare the Ascendent.
Some see the returnof the Dominion as a chance to finally end their threat and return the Land to a peace unseen since the Age of Mists. Despite protests from their own people, many High Elves and Draconum are at long last willing to share ancient
wisdom with those ofany faction who would work toward rebuilding that lost time of glory, those who join the College of the Mists.
Others also want tosee the ancient battles come to an end, but feel they have earned the right to shape their own destiny, to lie the cornerstones of their future on the ashes of the past. Trying to push their factions toward a Land that not only survives
the battle butthrives in the aftermath, they are bound together by the Phoenix Concord.
Ancient Quavaranrituals performed by the Tur’aj cult gave the first omens of the Dominion’s return when they returned the Shyft to forms they hadn’t worn since long ago when they were the Dominion’s servants. That sorcery has continued to
spread to the otherMage Spawn of the land, raising their intelligence, making many willing (or at least able to be trained) to join in the Land’s battles. Heroes and Adventuring Companies returning from their quests with tales of treasure and excitement have led to many taking up the life of Mercenaries, joining any cause that will bring them a chance for battle and reward.
For the Orc Khans ,the destruction of the Black Pyramid in the north and the rampage of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse
in the south broughtan end to their endless migratory summers of plunder. Now, as they range deeper into the Land and into unfamiliar territory, the hordes battle not just with the other factions but among themselves, with new warriors battling for a place among the Khans.
Always turning chaosinto opportunity, Raydan Marz used the cover of an enormous manastorm to wage an assault on the heart of the Atlantean Empire. He might have even succeeded in bringing down the Empire’s flying capital were it not for the
miraculoustransformation of Inquisitor Balion into living magestone, giving the Empire a unique new source of power and leading to Balion’s rise to the role of Exarch and ruler of the Empire. But while Balion has the armies of the Empire, Marz
has the support ofits people, who have named him General.
Following thedestruction of the Tower of Rokos the Solonavi are drained and scattered. Even the once-mighty Lord Varatrix is reduced to leeching powers off of others around him. Furious that the Solonavi kept the imprisoned Dominion a secret — and more importantly, that they failed to keep the threat contained — many Oathsworn have abandoned the Solonavi, now too weak to enforce their all - binding oaths. Worse, some Solonavi have even been corrupted by the Dominion, the magical essences of the two factions combining to form warriors whose greatest enemy might be themselves. Some Solonavi pursue power. Some pursue revenge. Others pursue their greatest question: where is the Oracle Kastali?
Were Kastali stillin the Scrying Chamber, she might have much to tell the Solonavi — and us. She might tell of the rise of the Council of the Void, and how they are choosing “Mage Knights” to lead their forces in battle. Perhaps they have something to do with the rumors of ancient “Mage - Kings” whispering across the Land. Perhaps most importantly, we might hear of the resurrection of Tezla and how he has chosen the first of his champions…
Look to the HeroClixcharacter cards of Mage Knight warriors for insight into whatthe Land looks like through their eyes. Fight for your faction in Mage Knight, and play HeroClix to see how the same warriors are also rallying to different causes.
There are still manystories coming in potential future Mage Knight expansions — of the Black Powder Republic and the Elemental Strongholds, of Sergeant Supreme Podo and Redgear Freemind, of the battle to seal Dragon’s Gate and Chroma’s quest.
Help us keep thegame alive, and as you see other factions return to the fray, their
tales will betold...

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