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Mageknight resurrection  Empty Mageknight resurrection

Post by Black dog on Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:25 am

Good day gents.

Feels good to be back in an active MK forums. Very Happy 
Since non of you know me.. Im jett a mk 1.0/2.0 collector/player since the very start.
I used to join discussions in mkrealms back in the day but was never really an active player. Boxed everything up when wizkids stopped producing figs.

Anyway.. Out of strong sense of duty to support a game that i used to enjoy. I Decided to buy a starter and a gravity feed box. Figured if stocks sold out at neutral grounds they would support players in return. It would be a shame if the figs that i got wont be able to get played with since we have limited stocks here in the philippines and quite busy to play with you guys.

I dont intend to make a profit.  I just want to get the figs that i want, hopefully be able to someday play with them. And support the community

Lot sold to bromknight
Thank you sir raymond for a great deal on some 2.0 stuff.

Figs available:
Orc harrower
Salonavi domineer
General volkare
Raydan marz clear chase figure

Still looking for:
Zeph wyndfenner 2.0
Cindrata nexus
Narowas MKR
Bonespike MKR

Willing to trade/buy or a combination of both.
contact me at 09184487452

Thanks again

Black dog

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