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    Mage Knight_Consolidated_Rules
    - A compiled and annotated rules document that covers all 2.0 rulesets, including MDWs, Titans, etc. Also includes the Conquest Rules.

    - The last known update of the full FAQ. Contains all known figure and card errata.

    - A handy quick reference sheet containing key rules, rulings and game terms.

    MK 1.0_Unlimited-era_SAC_&_Rulebook
    - A bit old, but if you want a 1.0-only document, this may come in handy.

    Dungeons Rule Book
    - Mage Knight Dungeons rulebook, as of the Pyramids expansion (plus updates).

    Mage Knight Dungeons SAC
    - Most recent copy of the MK Dungeons SAC, to match the above rulebook.

    Battle Planner Program
    Battle Planner MK Module (install after the battle planner program)
    - This program will give you access to the full stats of all MK figures ever printed once you install the Mage Knight module. NOTE: The free version will not allow you to build armies over 200 points and it is missing some other functionality, but if all you need to do is use it as way of looking up unit stats, then the free version works perfectly fine.

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