Magestone Arc, can it hit Ghostform?

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Magestone Arc, can it hit Ghostform? Empty Magestone Arc, can it hit Ghostform?

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:16 am

The text of the spell Magestone arc is as so:
"Give the caster a ranged combat action targeting a friendly figure with the [gear] damage type; the caster gains Arching Fire for this attack. Instead of an attack roll, roll 1 six sided die and subtract 2 from the result, with a minimum result of 1. All figures other than the caster and the target that the line of fire crosses are dealt damage equal to the result."

"GHOSTFORM This warrior cannot be the target of ranged combat attacks. This warrior’s base does not block line of fire. This warrior fails to
break away only on a die roll result of 1."

Ghostform states, that a figure with the Ghostform defensive special ability cannot be the target of ranged combat attacks. The text of Magestone arc states that the target of the attack is a friendly figure. All figures that the line of fire crosses are dealt damage, but if none are actually targeted and the caster is "technically" only attacking a friendly figure, would a ghostform figure still take damage from Magestone Arc?


I did some checking...
and came up with this post from sigmazero13 (our rules arbitrator):

Magestone Arc- can it hit Magic Immune figs?
Just like it says: With Magestone Arc, I target a friendly figure. What if the line of fire crosses a Magic Immune figure? Does it get hit? ...It's not being targeted, so I'd say yes. And I'd guess it would hit Ghostform figures too.
SZ13: Magic Immunity does 2 things.

1) Prevents the figure from being targeted by Wand attacks.
2) Prevents a figure from being affected by special abilities with "magic" in the name.

The figures damaged by the Magestone Arc are not targets of the attack, so #1 does not apply. Magestone Arc is not a special ability, nor does it have "magic" in the name anyway, so #2 does not apply. Thus, Magestone Arc does indeed hurt Magic Immune figures

Here's something I ran into recently, though - the Golem you use for Magestone Arc cannot be magic immune, correct?
SZ13: Though no attack roll is made, and the target Golem isn't going to take damage, the action is a ranged combat action, requires a target, and at the "base" level kind of starts out as an attack - it's just in this case, the "attack" is resolved completely differently after the target is chosen.

Magic Immune golems cannot be targeted by this. This means the *** Infantry Golem, the * Magestone Golem, all the Steam Tinkers, The *** Golem Familiar, Orien II, and Kythren cannot be targeted. That being said, though, there are still a lot of golems that CAN be targeted.

Based on that post, while not specifically mentioned, I would say that GF figures would take the damage. Also, figures in the line of fire with the Dodge SA would not be allowed to Dodge, since the damage dealt is not the result of an attack.

That's probably more than you wanted to know.


Indeed, that is the way it works; The ghostform figure is not a target, and all Ghostform does is prevent you from being a target. It does not prevent collateral damage from effects like that. (For instance, a Ghostform figure could be damaged by a Stormfire attack's splash. He couldn't be the main target, but if he was basing the main target he could take damage anyway).


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