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War Consort Trade thread Empty War Consort Trade thread

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:49 pm

018 Disenchant x1
030 Deny x1
040 Swarm of the Damned x1
051 Psychic Reflection x1
052 Explode Undead x3
077 Word of Refusal x1
098 Fumble x 1
038 Death Throws x2
068 Inferno x 1
125 Wylden Shield
015 Ravens Tongue x2
004 Cobras Bite x1
019 Technomantic Control x2
065 Auraheal x1
084 Eagles Wing x1
089 Form Construct
Rabhan's Shield x1
Shadowplate of the Realms x1
Hammer of the Realms x1
Stone of Scrying x
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