Can an inferno wielder be magic healed or wound killer(ed)

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Can an inferno wielder be magic healed or wound killer(ed)

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:23 pm

Posted by Celestial Striker:

Shield required<BR>Only opposing figures with the WAND attack type can target the wielder with ranged combat attacks. At the beginning of your command phase, any figures in base contact with the wielder are each dealt 1 pushing damage.

Does this mean friendly fire is not allowed, e.g. magic healing & inferno?



As Per Sigma:

Hmm, there are two potential ways to look at this:

1) The only figures allowed to target you are those that are opposing AND have wand type.
2) The only opposing figures that can target you are those with wand type.

With #1, that would mean that friendly figures can't target you at all.
With #2, any friendly figure could target you regardless of type.

I think by the strictest literal reading, #1 would be the interpretation. However, and I'm going off memory, I think based on discussions with MK way back when, #2 was the intended interpretation - that it was only meant to restrict opposing units, not friendly units.

I think if I were to make a ruling now and had the say, I would probably go with #2. I can see Agburanar's response as being one way to do it, but I don't think the wording can be parsed to say that friendly wand figures are the only friendly figures that can do it; either "opponent" and "wand" are both requirements to allowing the ranged attacks (#1), or that "wand" is a requirement only for opponent figures.

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