The Swarm of the Lightning Festival Triple Cheese Pizza Swiss Army

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The Swarm of the Lightning Festival Triple Cheese Pizza Swiss Army

Post by deathsickle7 on Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:40 pm

The Swarm of the Lightning Festival Triple Cheese Pizza Swiss Army

Credits to my Philippine MK Family for helping me improve this army with series of revisions and playtesting. A Swiss Army that aims to have an ANSWER for most army types pitted against it. It is a combination of all the best possible and efficient multifaction members and relics fused in a 500pt army.

Domain: Time of Mists or Death

48pts Death Seekers Adventuring Company

99pts Kenaz Stoneheart
60pts Book of Lightning

29pts Khan Podo

49pts Fys’okro
40pts Book of Control:
Word of Refusal- Bookmarked Spell
Archer’s Aim
Call Familiar: Khan Podo

40pts * Oracle of Rokos
45pts Codex of Light:
Arcane Sight- Bookmarked Spell
Form Construct: Priest Sydin
Call Familiar: Blackwing

Priest Sydin ( 49pts Form Construct )
43pts Necromantic Bonestaff

16pts Blackwing

16pts Blackwing

10pts Grimlin

5pts Imp
500pts + 49pts ( Priest Sydin)

Attack Sequence:s

Command Phase:
Declare Familiars: Khan Podo and Blackwing
Copy Leadership by Oracle of Rokos from Sydin
Copy Demoralized and be healed by command roll
Command roll for a 6th action
If Applicable, Command Heal Demoralized Oracle, Podo, Sydin
Necromantic Bonestaff any eliminated opponent and place it anywhere the battlefield
Remove hex token

Attack Phase:
For the Succeeding turns, Double time Khan Podo( do not move him literally) or move action him until he reaches his third click for 20 defense
If Applicable, Fys’okro casts browses and casts Archer’s Aim next turn to Kenaz
If Applicable, Oracle casts Arcane Sight to Kenaz
Book of Lightning to Opponents Healers then Spell Casters then Bodyguards then Unique if applicable
Familiar Blackwing 5-6 Infinite Attack. Surge-Augment to 10 attack- Deathseekers- rinse and repeat
Hex by Sydin
Imp moves straight for Objective
Summon by Fys’okro
Magic healing by Fys’okro

For tough 2 figure/one figure armies- if BOL with Arcane sight and Archer’s Aim fail, hit and run or use kyte strategy and secure objectives. Grimlins secures farthest objective, imp secures nearest objective, and main army secures middle objective. Escape and Breakaway and Doubletime. Harass and Soar.

For Medium to Large armies- Kill as needed with using the necromantic Bonestaff.

End Phase:
Browse Used Spells
Removed unpushed action tokens
Remove reanimated figure

Opponents turn:
Standby for counterspelling, use Fys’okro’s Word of Refusal.

Formation: 36x36

Deployment Area: Case to Case Basis

---------------------------------------------Opponent Side-------------------------------------------------------------

(Objective Token: example)

(Objective Token)

(Objective token)

(Imp) (Blackwing) (Blackwing) (Grimlin) (Oracle of Rokos)(Khan Podo)(Priest Sydin)
(Kenaz Stoneheart)(Fyo’okro)
---------------------------------------------------Your Side---------------------------------------------------------------------

Cheesy Moves:
Khan Podo’s Defend
Augment Deathseekers with Infinite Call Familiar
IMP for the WIN

Suggested Improvements:
Turajan tome to be equipped by fys’okro then gives 2 attack bonus to kenaz for alternative counterspelling.
Third Call Familiar- remove word of refusal
Put in disenchant, deny,- remove word of refusal and archers aim.
Phalanx for 21 Defense


Relics to Shutdown BOL
Swarm of the Damned armies
Strong spell casting armies with Turajan Tome.

Hoping for your inputs and suggestions guys! Very Happy

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