Captors and Counterattack

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Captors and Counterattack Empty Captors and Counterattack

Post by Admin on Mon May 27, 2013 10:24 am

Can a Captor still Counterattack?
The captor can be given
only move actions, unless it tries to eliminate the captive (see below). When moving with its captive, a captor must be in base contact with the captive both before and after the move.

COUNTERATTACK (optional) After this warrior is the target of an unsuccessful close combat attack made by an opposing target figure in its
front arc, it can immediately make a close combat attack against the target. This warrior may use a single special ability which requires a close
combat action (except Charge), but is not given an action token for using Counterattack.

Counterattack is a close combat attack primarily. It's more like a passive ability like Venom or polearm. Can the Captor use it?

If it can, then can he use the close combat action special abilities with it?


As per Sigma:

I would say yes. While captors cannot make close combat actions, it does not require an action to use counterattack (even though you are allowed to use close combat abilities which require them; that's a special case). Captor abilities are not ignored, so having them Counterattack does not violate any of the rules for captors.

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