Does Mechanoid Stack and is it subject to the rule of 3?

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Does Mechanoid Stack and is it subject to the rule of 3? Empty Does Mechanoid Stack and is it subject to the rule of 3?

Post by Admin on Thu May 09, 2013 11:15 am

So much for necroing a thread, let us say I have 5 mechanoids casted on my army, does this mean my opponents need atleast a 6 to hit me? Is my multiple toughness subject to the rule of 3 or is it taken as an "individual instance" of toughness??? thanks guys.. =)


All, my apologies - I goofed on this one; I was misremembering. Abilities CAN stack, but some abilities (like Weapon Master) have no extra effect when stacked. I was reading through the FAQ, and on page 20 is the ruling I originally made. I must have been thinking of something else (maybe even a different game?!) when I said what I did in the post above.

So Toughness can stack. The damage reduction is NOT limited by the rule of 3, because it's not a modifier to a combat value. IE, it's not reducing the attacker's Damage Value, but instead reducing the amount of Damage Dealt; similar, but not the same. So 5 instances of Toughness would reduce damage dealt by 5.

The same is true of Invulnerability; the damage reduction is not capped. However, the +2 modifier to defense IS modifying a combat value, and so would be capped at +3.

Note, however, that it only takes ONE instance of Pierce or Crushing Blow to ignore ALL toughness. IE, Pierce doesn't just ignore one, it ignores them ALL. So if you have a guy with 5 Toughness, and some lowly peon with 1 damage and Crushing Blow comes along, that Crushing Blow will ignore everything and still deal the 1 damage.

Again, sorry for the mix-up; I should have checked my previous rulings before just trying to remember off the top of my head

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