Wanna make FUN of Psychic Reflection? use immobilize

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Wanna make FUN of Psychic Reflection? use immobilize

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:49 am

IMMOBILIZE (optional) Give this warrior a close combat action, with a single opposing figure as the target. If the attack succeeds, deal no
damage to the target. Instead, if the target has zero or one action token, give it an action token. If a second action token is given to the target in this
way, the target is pushed.

Psychic Reflection allows the attack to always be successful or is dependent on the attack to be successful... It's just that the damage is reverted back that's why it hurts.

For immobilize though, no damage is dealt. The target gets an action token and if it happens to be the second or third (assuming multiple immobilize figures)... then BAM 1 pushing damage. It also pauses your opponent for a turn or even more. SSSuuuccchhh humiliation...

Turns out Capture and Thunderblow are not the only natural ways to take down the fabled enchantment.


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