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Weeks following their defeat at the hands of the Dark Crusaders, most of the surviving Draconum warriors returned to the Valley to regroup and recuperate. Those who did not return however, took to wandering the Land again in pursuit of their own individual goals.

As is natural with any Draconum, many of these ‘wanderers’ sought out power and evolution. Others sought to rediscover themselves and find new paths to tread. Still others, however, clung to hope and the belief that the Land can still be spared from darkness and imminent destruction.

Among these last few was the Draconum Vithzerai.

Despite their last war against the necromancers and sect vampires, the Draconum lord deemed it his ultimate quest to somehow find a way to destroy the Apocalypse Dragon now laying waste upon the Land. The undertaking may cost Vithzerai his life but for him it is a necessary sacrifice.

Sheer power alone will not be enough to defeat the monstrous beast and so Vithzerai must find other ways. For this, he will need the help and guidance of his most ancient and most powerful kin: the dragons of the Elementals. He is aware of the enmity that exists between these dragons and the Draconum but he must try.

And so began Vithzerai’s quest. It will be a long and dangerous road ahead, but for him there is no turning back.


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Whoa another quest hehehehe looking forward to what this turns out to be Very Happy


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"...many of these ‘wanderers’ sought out power and evolution." - Tyrsis (see Road to Power by notorius)

"Others sought to rediscover themselves and find new paths to tread." - this will be the main plot for the dungeon crawl campaign I am working on. Watch out for it. Very Happy 

"Still others, however, clung to hope and the belief that the Land can still be spared from darkness and imminent destruction." - Vithzerai's quest will be based on his victories and defeat during the Emperor's Cup (more like Roy's Road to Power), though I do not intend to play him the entire tourney series. His quest will also cross paths with that of the main character in my dungeon crawl campaign.

This is quite an ambitious project but I know I'll have a swell time making it! Hope you guys will like it too. Very Happy 

Coming up: Chapter 1 of the Entwined Fates saga...


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CHAPTER 1: Unexpected Alliances

“This is madness!” retorted Goldyx, “You have seen the destruction wrought by this beast. As powerful as you may be, I do not see a plausible solution for such an undertaking.”

“There should be a way to defeat it or even destroy it!” countered Vithzerai, his two heads speaking in unison. He is well aware of the risks and the sacrifices that may have to be made…and he knows he will not be able to accomplish this task alone.

“I do not know what it is you think we can do to defeat it. Our numbers have dwindled greatly since the last two great wars we fought and many of our brethren have scattered all over the Land.”

“You said we?” answered Vithzerai.

“Well, you do not presume I will just sit by and mope, do you?” replied Goldyx who then picked up his tome of spells and walked toward the door.

Vithzerai was glad. Goldyx is among the last few who possessed ancient knowledge and lore. Such skills will definitely be useful in his quest. Even more so, Vithzerai knows he can trust him with his life when things become dire and desperate. As the two Draconum masters reached the courtyard, they spread their wings and was about to take flight when they were stopped by the shouts and call of a scalesworn militia.

“My lord Goldyx!” called the scalesworn who then bowed before them, “Please take me with you! Let me be of service to you in place of our fallen comrade Wisp!”

“Wisp you say?” answered Goldyx, “I do believe he is still alive but since he is not here, you may take his place, for now.” He looked at Vithzerai who gave him a disapproving look. Goldyx just nodded as if to say: just leave the matter to me.

“Since we will be flying most of the time, we will not be waiting for you nor help you find your way to the places that we need to go to. If you cannot keep up then you can turn back and return here.”

“I will do my best to keep up with you, my lord!” answered the scalesworn.

“Very well,” said Vithzerai, “Let us be on our way.”

The two Draconum spread their wings again and took flight. The force from their powerful wings almost made the scalesworn fall on his rump but he was able to get his balance and then ran off hurriedly behind them.


Days after they started on their journey, the three Draconum warriors came upon a group of elves marching towards the opposite direction. The elves, upon seeing the Draconum warriors in the sky, prepared themselves for battle.

To arms!” cried Geddion Longblade.

A group of elves led by Tythania Stormbringer took to the sky to engage Vithzerai and Goldyx. One of the elves, a high elven disciple, wore a strange breastplate that seems to be made out of mist. He whispered a single word to it and then flew towards the front of the formation. Geddion and the ground troops followed and moved toward one of the small outcropping which provided both protection and a good view of the field.

Surprisingly, the scalesworn was indeed able to catch up to the flying Draconum and drew his swords at the sight of the charging elves. Vithzerai and Goldyx landed near where the scalesworn stood. They needed to regroup and plan their next move.

“I have no quarrel with these elves nor do I have the time to spare fighting them.” Vithzerai declared, “But if it is a fight they want then we shall oblige!”

Goldyx grinned at the remark and opened the tome he was carrying. After finding the page he wanted, he put his right hand over Vithzerai’s shoulder and began to whisper incoherently. A few moments later, he removed his hand and closed his tome. “There,” said Goldyx, “That should keep you from harm’s way somewhat. But do not let your guard down in any case.” Vithzerai nodded, grateful for the protective spell, though he is not sure how it actually worked. The great Draconum then spread his wings and took to the sky again to engage the elves above.

Goldyx in the meantime orders the scalesworn to try and keep Geddion and the group frost minions charging towards them at bay for as long as he could. He opens his tome once again and began chanting quietly. At first there was a small sound in his head like a soft gust of wind, which gradually became louder and louder until it was as if there was a great storm blowing inside his mind. One of the elven disciples, it seemed, was trying to disrupt his spell casting. But Goldyx was able to silence his mind and cast the spell. Fiendish spirits suddenly sprung out from where he stood and formed a kind of barrier around him.

His barrier in place, Goldyx called out to the scalesworn meaning to order him to fall back to the safety of his magic barrier. But he was too late. Before Geddion and the ground troops even reached him, he was shot down by a powerful blast from Tythania Stormbringer. The scalesworn was thrown backward by the force of the blast and crashed to the ground with a sickening thump. Goldyx was not sure if any human would have survived such a blast and so then he focused his attention at the charging elves.

“I have a cleared a path for you!” cried Tythania Stormbringer. Geddion nodded and ran towards where Goldyx stood. As the female elf watched her ground troops charge at the Draconum on the ground, there was a great flash of light followed by the terrible scream of one of her disciples at the front of their formation. She then saw the two-headed Draconum up ahead, all four eyes burning with rage at what happened to his comrade.

Badly wounded, the disciple disengages from the battle as Tythania and another disciple took his place on the front.

“You will pay for that!” cried Tythania.

“No, you will!” Vithzerai growled back. On one hand he held a strange round shield with the markings of an eagle embossed on its face. On the other he held a long wand and there he started gathering mana for another attack.

Down on the ground, Geddion and his ground support of frost minions finally reached the foot of the hill where Goldyx stood. During the elves’ charge, the Draconum was able shoot down a few of the frost minions with arcane blasts of his own. A handful of them still remained though and he knows he will not be able to take them all alone once they get within swords reach…if that was at all possible.

Geddion’s war cry thundered throughout the field as he closed the distance between him and Goldyx followed closely by the remaining frost minions. As he was just about to get within striking range of his sword, however, a spirit being stopped him in his tracks and prevented him from moving further closer to the Draconum. Although the wraith did not inflict any visible harm upon the elf, it formed a kind of translucent but solid wall around Goldyx, preventing anyone from getting close.

“What devilry is this?!” snarled Geddion. Goldyx sneered at the sight of the hapless elf. “It is a trick I borrowed from the necromancers we faced just recently.” Goldyx replied and gathered mana again for another attack, “Now you shall witness its power in the hands of a Draconum!”

There was another flash of bluish white light and Geddion was knocked off his feet from the force of Goldyx’s attack. Luckily for the elf his enchanted armor was resistant to magic attacks and it somehow absorbed most of the blast’s energy. Nevertheless, Geddion was knocked out cold. Goldyx smirked and scanned the field for new targets. The frost minions, upon seeing what happened to their commander, ceased their charge abruptly and slowly backed away, meaning to move out of the Draconum’s range.

“You will not escape!” growled Goldyx as he shot one of the frost minions with another powerful blast of arcane energy. The remaining frost minion tried to flee but was shot down by Vithzerai.

Tythania Stormbringer shrieked in anger as she saw her ground forces being decimated by just two Draconum. At this point, her only chance of gaining the upper hand in this battle would be the one wearing the Spirit Armor - one of the most treasured relics of the elves. The disciple wearing this is already badly wounded and she hopes the foolish Draconum will not see the trap until it was too late.

Unfortunately for the she-elf, Vithzerai turned his attention back to her thinking her as the biggest threat at the moment. The two-headed Draconum shot another powerful blast her way, which hit her squarely on the chest. Like Geddion, Tythania’s enchanted armor somehow absorbed some of the energy from the attack but most of her body was still burned quite considerably.

She had been trying to hit the Draconum with her own magical attacks but couldn’t even after numerous attempts. Vithzerai seems to know where her attacks would land and would simply dodge out of the way – quite a strange feat for such a large, winged beast.

Vithzerai charged mana once more meaning to finish off the elf mistress with a final attack, but then the disciple wearing the strange breast plate moved in to defend Tythania.

“If you want to die that badly, then it is death you shall have!” growled the two-headed Draconum.

Meanwhile, Goldyx watched the aerial battle from where he stood, protected by his barrier of spirits. What remained of the elven ground forces were either dead or have fled and so there was nothing else for him to do except watch as the battle’s finale unfold.
Never has he seen any other Draconum display such arcane prowess and he was glad he had such an ally he can count on. He watched as Vithzerai move in for a final blow to the elven sorceress but then one of her disciples moved in the way of the blast, meaning to defend his mistress with his life. Goldyx then noted the strange armor worn by the elf and was horrified as he realized what it was.
NO! Stand down, Vithzerai! DO NOT KILL THE ELF!” Goldyx screamed but he was too late.


There was another blast of magical energy during the split second before Vithzerai would have shot down the elven disciple and sealing his own doom without even knowing it. The Draconum’s strange shield seemed to have a mind of its own as it deflected the blast that was actually aimed at him, belaying his own attack against the elf. Vithzerai growled in anger and searched for his attacker. To his left he saw a large winged creature flying towards him. As the figure drew nearer he beheld the form of a large, crimson-scaled two-headed Draconum.

“Niasamond!” roared Vithzerai, “How dare you interfere!”

“Interfere?” answered Niasamond almost casually, “I believe I just saved your life.”

“I do not have time for your games! State your business here!” retorted Vithzerai. One of his heads turned to see the disciple and Tythania had already retreated. Down below he saw what looks like elven reinforcements.

“Do not kill these elves.” Niasamond replied simply, “A council has been convened to answer to the new threat brought about by the Breaking. Let us land and I shall explain everything.”


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cool!!! something to read/follow!!!


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