MK Showcase tournament 1/5/14

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MK Showcase tournament 1/5/14

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:32 pm

Battle Report for last 1/4/14!!!

Instead of the standard 500pt format. The players agreed to field a 2,000pt army PURE FACTION build. 

- There was only "1" Objective token at the middle of the Battlefield. The controller of the Objective was the player with the most amount of Figure points. If the same player is the Controller of the Objective token from His Last turn to the present, he get to add 50 killpoints to his total. 

- Only 2 relics were banned: Book of Lightning and StormWall

- Victory is determined by Kill Points total!!!

I brought out my "HOW TO FEED YOUR DRAGONS" army


Nye Fielded his "FAST and the FURIOUS" Dark Crusader army


The Winning army of the day went to Roy's DRACONUM ELITE army

Another highlight for the day for me was one of the former MK Players sitting through the WHOLE tournament. He's a Huge BPR fan and great with his analytical skills and Geometry mastery. He's bringing his figures next week for a little briefing into MK 2.0 .
I'll gladly introduce you guys to Jeff!!!

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