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Counterattack and relics Empty Counterattack and relics

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Originally Posted by sigmazero13
Originally Posted by warcon
COUNTERATTACK (optional) After this warrior is the target of an unsuccessful close combat attack made by an opposing target figure in its
front arc, it can immediately make a close combat attack against the target. This warrior may use a single special ability which requires a close
combat action (except Charge), but is not given an action token for using Counterattack.

Does a triggered Counterattack allow you to use RELIC abilities like BlackHeart or Rage Hammer? or is it just limited to just special abilities in the Special abilities Card like Weapon master, thunderblow, Smite, etc... only
Relic abilities are not special abilities (though some relics may grant special abilities, of course, usually via the colored shapes at the bottom). Thus, you cannot use a relic ability with a Counterattack if the ability requires a Close Combat ACTION.

Note that if the relic's effect just works during a "close combat attack" (no action), then it would work. It's one of the subtle differences between "actions" and "attacks".

The key word actually is "ACTION" . If the specific RELIC-ONLY Ability of the relic requires a close combat "ACTION" to trigger then it will NOT work with Counterattack.

An example is Blackheart where it requires a close combat "ACTION" to auto deal damage if the wielder has a higher unmodified damage value. Another example is the HAMMER OF THE REALMS, the 3x1d6 rolls requires a Close combat ACTION. It will then NOT trigger with Counterattack.

There are Relics that DON'T require a Close Combat "ACTION" to trigger their RELIC-ONLY Ability. An example is "PAIN" where it's ability is only triggered after a successful close combat "ATTACK" . You roll a 1d6 and if it is higher than the damage value, then you replace it with the dice roll instead. This one works with counterattack since it only triggers with the close combat ATTACK and does not require a close combat ACTION to trigger.

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